Top Meta Quest 3 Games You Must Play

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must play meta quest 3 games
must play meta quest 3 games

Here are my top Meta Quest 3 Games that you must play in 2024. All these games are available right now from the Meta store and can be played in standalone mode. No PC is required!

Let's jump in!

1. Floor Plan 2

Floor Plan 2

Floor Plan 2 is a comedic puzzle-solving experience that will have you in stitches. Full of funny and memorable characters that not only look ridiculous but speak like it, too.

You'll have to tackle multiple puzzles across floors and sometimes a puzzle requires another step elsewhere before it can be completed. Resulting in you moving between rooms and whipping your brain to think harder. But worry not, for if you get stuck there is a way to call for hints in the game.



Another hilarious game in the lineup so far. WHAT THE BAT? replaces your hands, with bats! Navigate around the obstacles the game throws your way with your bat-hands, going from natural hit-the-ball challenges to doing the laundry. If you've played any of the other WHAT THE? titles then you'll know to expect the unexpected in hilarious twists.

3. Asgard's Wrath II

Asgard's Wrath 2

Set after the events of Asgard's Wrath. The sequel takes you on a new adventure using your God-like powers to possess and control mortal champions through dungeons and spectacular boss fights.

4. Beat Saber

Beat Saber

A rhythm game where you swing lightsabers beamswords at the nodes that hurtle towards you. It comes packed with several albums ready for you to experience, alongside additional DLC for your favourite artists.

There's also a huge modding community meaning you can download non-official tracks to swing along to.

5. Job Simulator

Job Simulator

One of the earlier VR games that was more than just a tech demo. Experience history as a human employee in various roles from shop clerk, automotive mechanic, gourmet chef, and office worker.

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