Hey, I'm Harry!

I started this blog to pull myself out of my comfort zone and help stay up to date within the industry while sharing my journey here. There's no set schedule to when I post, but you're welcome to subscribe nonetheless.

Currently, I'm heading up a team developing solutions for the rail industry. On the side, I have a couple of side projects that you can follow below!

Current and Past Projects


A project born from a weekend messing about with AI. ExpandImage.com takes an image and expands it using AI beyond its original boundaries.

Expand your images effortlessly by utilising the latest AI algorithms to seamlessly extend your visuals beyond their original boundaries.


An SPA (Single Page App) I built in a weekend off the back of wanting to try out Nuxt v3. Not much to say about it other than it hosts a collection of dev-related tools.

Empower your development workflow with ToolFlow’s extensive suite of developer tools. Boost productivity and efficiency with a wide range of coding aids, code generators, and debugging utilities.


My latest SaaS, born as an extension to RandomQR. I wanted to extend into the dynamic QR code game and I had this domain sitting around since 2017 or so. The first version, for one reason or another, wasn't where I wanted it to be. So I started again from scratch and got the MVP launched in about 3 days of work. (Laravel ❤️)

QRMetric - Your Dynamic QR Code Buddy
Create Dynamic QR Codes that can be modified without requiring you to redistribute a new QR code. Can be changed any time, any place, anywhere.


Your form backend buddy to pair up with your static websites or let Formie host your form for you. Set up your form and validation rules, then point your form's action to the given endpoint to start receiving submissions.

Built with Laravel, Inertia (Vue).

Formie - Your Modern Form Companion
Host your own forms without any servers, and let Formie handle your form backend with validation and email forwarding.


RandomQR is literally what it says on the tin. It's a tool to generate random QR codes. Built with JavaScript/Nuxt.js/Vue and hosted on Netlify.

Random QR Code Generator


This list may contain affiliate links where I earn a commission.

  • Kit: 14" Macbook Pro, M1 Pro, 32GB RAM
  • IDE: PhpStorm / Visual Studio Code
  • Database GUI: Querious
  • Languages: PHP, JavaScript/TypeScript, Go (learning), Rust (learning)
  • Version Control: Git / GitHub
  • Frameworks: Laravel, Vue, Nuxt.js
  • Server Hosting: Digital Ocean (Referral link for $100 credit) / Hetzner (Referral link for €⁠20 credit)
  • Server Provisioning: Ansible
  • Terminal: iTerm2 + Oh My Zsh
  • Video Editing: Final Cut Pro
  • Screen/Audio Recording: OBS
  • Microphone: Blue Yeti
  • Analytics: Fathom Analytics (referral link, get $10 off your first invoice)
  • SEO: Larseo (Use LARSEO20 to get 20% off your first invoice)

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Programming nonsense, tutorials, and random musings about games and technology.

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