Recommended Reads and Listens

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Recommended Reads and Listens
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Here are a few of the recommended books I have read (or listened to, on Audible) recently, focused on mental wellbeing or for those looking to develop their own SaaS projects and the like.

This page contains affiliate links which means I earn a commission on anything you purchase through the given links.

Company of One

Company of One Cover

Forgo the thought that you need to expand a business as revenue grows, and focus on staying small. Company of One goes over a few real-life examples of how successful business entrepreneurs have stayed small, increasing their prices rather than hiring more staff and more clients.

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The Mom Test

The Mom Test Cover

Got a business idea you're excited about? What's the first thing you do? Of course, you seek to validate your idea by asking "mom" (or the next thing to it). Mom being mom, seeing her darling so excited about this idea obviously doesn't want to hurt any feelings. So she sides with the idea despite not completely being on board.

Who's at fault here, mom for not giving you an honest opinion? Really, it's all about asking the right questions.

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Zero To Sold: How to Start, Run, and Sell a Bootstrapped Business

Zero to Sold Cover

Honestly, I'm still midway through this one! However, so far I have enjoyed Arvid's story of how he took a real-world problem and created feedbackpanda. Arvid recounts his own experiences from a developer's point of view and how you can bootstrap your own projects.

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Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits Cover

Atomic Habits is all about developing good habits and breaking bad ones by making small changes at a time. Take the 1 Percent Rule and over time a small change compounds enough for big things to happen.

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Money Cover

Written and narrated by Rob Moore, a self-made multi-millionaire shares his story on the path to success. Admittedly, luck plays a part in Rob's story but there are some good key takeaways from the book. Personally, it got me thinking more about my time, spending habits, and lifestyle. Throw away the advice that you should avoid buying expensive coffee, it won't make you a millionaire. Instead, read this book, and enjoy a coffee.

Amazon UK:


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