Port is Already in Use (MacOS + Linux)

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Port is already in use (troubleshooting)
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When working with Node.js, I occasionally stumble upon "Port is already in use" or "Port is already allocated" when a previous process failed to clean up successfully when closed. (Nuxt, looking at you! 👀)

This is a bit annoying when your node application fails to spawn the local dev server. Requiring your attention to identify why a port is still open.

The Easiest Solution?

Turn your computer off and on again. (seriously)

But for a more elegant solution, read on for more elegant ways of dealing with this issue.

Finding the Culprit

You can use the "list open files" command, as everything is regarded as a file in UNIX-based operating systems. lsof and use it to list any processes listening on the corresponding port. (port 3000 in the below example).

The -i will show all processes that are associated with the network, such as ports.

$ sudo lsof -i:3000

Running the command will give you a list of processes running. Take note of the PID as this is what you will need to kill the process in a moment.

Killing the Process

Once you have identified the process that you wish to kill, refer to the PID and replace the below "PID" together with the kill command (-9 sends a SIGKILL signal).

$ sudo kill -9 PID
Process successfully killed

And that's it. You should be able to rerun your process and listen on your intended port again.


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