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New Open Source Project: Shortie

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Shortie Dashboard
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For the first month of 2024, I wanted to challenge myself to release something as open source. Rather than building a package, I went with a self-hostable Short URL service that you can run on your own hardware.

The GitHub is below if you'd like to check out the project!

GitHub - Harrk/Shortie: A self-hosted Short URL application.
A self-hosted Short URL application. Contribute to Harrk/Shortie development by creating an account on GitHub.

Why Short URLs?

I didn't want it to be too large a project that I risked burnout and ended up abandoning, so I decided to go with Short URLs as the idea. It was a simple idea that I could quickly get a proof of concept for and then later build on as necessary.

What Can It Do?

You can create short URLs for starters! 🤪

But seriously, it's still in the MVP stage right now. You can generate short URLs, generate a QR code, and view some analytics on the clicks.

To summarise what is there so far:

  • Manage Short URLs.
  • Analytics.
  • User Management (admin, super users, regular users).
  • Multiple domains.
  • Toggle user registration / default user role.

What's Next?

Since I let Shortie sit for the majority of January, I just decided to ship it and get it out there. This meant cutting a few things I left incomplete or unpolished.

Here are a few ideas I have written down that I'd like to add. Not to say these will happen, but it's a reference to where my head is at currently.

  • GeoIP lookup for reporting on locations.
  • Temporary Short URLs (expire after x uses / or time).
  • Password protected URLs.
  • Fallback URLs if the source is no longer available.
  • Notifications if the source URL is no longer available.
  • Validate the source URL by pinging it.
  • Theming. (mostly there already thanks to DaisyUI)
  • Allow guests to create Short URLs.
  • Websockets for live analytics.
  • Tagging / Categories.
  • Search and additional filters.
  • API.
  • Browser extension to quickly add/manage short URLs.

So that's it, just a short announcement post on what I'm up to!


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